Saturday, 3 March 2018

New Friends

Despite the snowy weather and minus degrees temperatures, I have still managed to maintain an attitude of Gratitude which now sees me on Day 17.  Being grateful for simple things like my pink wedge heeled wellies.  I mean it hasn't snowed in London for a good few years so I was grateful I had them and was able to wear them which cheered a few folks up including myself.

I also managed to get through some of my admin chores, catch up with my business partner.  We have weekly calls to keep each other on track.  Believe it or not, there is a lot of organising to cooking and being a personal cook. It isn't a simple case of cooking.  There is the shopping, ordering from the suppliers, preparation, marinade, making sure the kitchen is nice and clean.  Everything needs to be organised, carried out in a timely manner so time management is important. 

Once the cooking goes ahead, if you are like me and you love music, for me it is essential I cook to something soft and smooth. 

I nipped into my local vegetarian and vegan cafe, it was the first time I had actually be able to have a meal there as its usually full and the food was delicious.  The chef said it was cooked with love and it was! I will be paying them another visit on my vegan friendly days.

So in review, I had quite a good week, attended a couple of events, got some really good reviews for my LinkedIn profile which was good, was featured in the local newsletter in Clapham.  Did a radio interview for She Speaks at Wandsworth Community Radio for The Healed Project and met Vicky Price at Lady Val's networking event who wrote Prisonomics and shared her experience of what she went through which also made her in my eyes human! I thought she was lovely and it was amazing to simply sit and listen and then last but not least I met the beautiful Lindi!

So that was my week, despite the snow, I manged to remain grateful, caught up with my business partner and mentor while I continue to figure out how social media works. 

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