Sunday, 28 January 2018

A Day Off from Cooking

Sometimes, its nice to have a break!
Although I cook for others, its nice for others to be able to spend time cooking for me.

I'm still in Jamaica on leave and due back to London shortly. 
The State of Emergency in Jamaica is a welcome relief for many and I will be venturing out to Dr's Cave Beach tomorrow if the weather holds up!

I've managed to accomplish quite a lot, even though it has been a working holiday.
You may have seen that I have updated my website

I have even manged to update The Healed Project which I'm really looking forward to delivering and launching in February.

We haven't quite started Crowd Funding for this yet, so hope to do more of this when I get back.

So my family decided to treat me to a delicious, meal and I have had to ensure I do plenty of walking otherwise you and I both know what will happen.

I've lots to do when I get back and literally will hit the ground running the day after I return.
More private cooking, private dining and team building activities. I've even launched a local networking event which will be running monthly.

I did this because its good to get out and meet new people and also to see what is going on in the local community and this will be at brand new Streatham Space Project, a new hub for creatives. Live shows, music a cafe, meeting space and more so really looking forward to Streatham Hill Ladies Who Latte.

So that's all for now and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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