Monday, 22 January 2018

How I lost weight as a Juicy Vegan

Then put it all back on again!

I've always been relatively active, health and weight conscious.  But when I hurt my knee doing Shaun T's Insanity, its been a struggle jogging frequently so now I tend to walk as much as I can with the occasional jog.  I went from walking around 60 minutes every morning, to increasing this to twice a day.  Both morning and evening, it works plus I get to clear my head and often take a notebook with me if any ideas pop up.

I'm currently in Jamaica walking every day; there's a hill that is so steep, I don't need to do any squats. I have increased this to four uphill walks which up and down totals to eight!

Being a Private Cook and being around food, means that I have to reflect a healthy lifestyle.  Given the food is so delicious here, I have to be careful.  For me personally, I cannot eat and not exercise. If I say my focus is on Caribbean Cuisine with European and Plant based fusions, then I need to reflect a healthy lifestyle.  How else would my clients book me for Private Dining?

So, with the vegan lifestyle, I did this for 40 Days, lost 14lbs but then felt too skinny.  It's a balance and if I feel that I have eaten too much or over indulged I will juice for a few days. My aim is really to get a two pac - six pack for me would be too excessive.

I do think being around food, is important to reflect good health - why then would anyone want to eat from you otherwise? If I say I love people and love cooking for people then I need to practice what I preach and not what I eat. 

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