Sunday, 21 January 2018

Jamaica - State of Emergency!

So, I’m still in Jamaica, which has been declared a State of Emergency and has been on lockdown since Thursday.  Supermarkets close at 7pm, Bars and petrol stations 9pm. Venturing out after 10pm without ID is liable to get you arrested by the Military who are armed and patrolling the now deserted streets.
Proud Jamaican’s welcome this given Montego Bay’s crime rate and senseless killings have escalated through gang warfare and lotto scamming contributing to 98% of the crime.
Overall, I’m safe and well, staying in my little cottage 15 minutes’ drive from Dr’s Cave Beach and happy that I managed to complete writing up of the six-week course for The Healed Project while sat in Starbucks overlooking the beach. So excited and looking forward to delivering the pilot in February.

Even so, Jamaica is still beautiful, there’s an ambiance of what I can only describe as sweet relief.  I ventured out this morning after upping my game to 10,000 steps covering 8,421 so will go back this evening before the sun goes down.  Someone once asked how come I cook so well and not fat?  I exercise, and as a Private Cook it’s important to portray good health, eating the way I want my clients to eat.
But I must say the food here is amazingly delicious – and I can really understand why high net worth individuals love Jamaica.  Food is locally sourced which means produce at the farmers market is and contributes to everything tasting so heavenly and homely.  Sometimes people just want to taste good quality food.  It doesn’t need to be gourmet every single day, but delicious, nutritious and healthy which is why I love what I do.  There’s just no better way than to love people other than through food, its like inviting people over for dinner, but private fine dining with a twist.
I will be doing more Team building activities in 2018 because I think every needs to learn a new still from time to time which is why I had to learn patchwork quilting – like baking which I find equally very soothing.

I’ll keep you updated with the Jamaican food trends as well as the lockdown but nothing to worry about.  If you are not a gang member it will not pertain to you. 

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